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A daily dose of natural phytoserols in Red Yeast Rice help safely reduce cholesterol, which can help reduce your risk of heart disease.*

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Look, surprises have their time and place, but when it comes to your body, let’s keep thing consistent. Taken every day, Weider’s Red Yeast Rice Plus helps keep your heart healthy.ⱡ

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With 30 minutes of exercise a day, a daily dose of red yeast rice with phystosterols can help safely reduce cholesterol.*

A Natural Solution.

Weider, considered a premier source of high quality red yeast rice, guarantees purity and labeled freshness. Manufactured with carefully sourced ingredients and scientifically formulated just for you!

Heart Health Simplified*

Heavy Lifting Heart Help

Give a little love to one of the hardest working organs in your body.

Ancient Source of Energy

Used in China as a dietary staple for thousands of years, original Red Yeast Rice users took this nutrient to help maintain proper circulation and increase energy in the body.ⱡ

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