Is Cholesterol also controlled by the brain?
Friday, November 15

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Is Cholesterol Also Controlled by the Brain? We all know eating foods high in fat can elevate cholesterol levels. We need to follow a proper diet of healthy proteins and vegetables, add in exercise to our daily routines and remain as active as possible to keep our cholesterol levels in check. However, research shows that cholesterol is also controlled by the brain and not just the body. According to a study published in Nature Neuroscience, researchers from the University of Cincinnati discovered cholesterol levels are affected by a hunger-regulating hormone released by the brain—not just by the food you put in your mouth. In this study, research scientists found that the hormone ghrelin—a hormone that helps in the regulation of food intake and energy—increased cholesterol levels in mice. High levels of this hormone made the mice eat more and gain weight, and increased their cholesterol level. The researchers believe that this discovery could open up new forms of treatment to help with high cholesterol levels. Obviously the make-up of mice is different than a human body, but working with ghrelin may change the way we can battle high cholesterol in the future. Just manipulating hormones may help those who are at risk of heart disease. Sources:

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