How to keep a low-cholesterol Diet during the Holiday
Tuesday, December 24

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How to Keep a Low-Cholesterol Diet During the Holidays

With high-calorie/high-cholesterol egg nog flowing at holiday parties, fried finger foods at family gatherings, and gravy flowing on the mashed potatoes and turkey, keeping your weight off during the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day can be quite difficult—which is probably an understatement. While most people fear tipping the scales as their greatest nemesis during this time of year, you should also be concerned about maintaining a low-cholesterol diet. Here are a few ways to keep your potential for heart disease at bay during this festive season:

-Skip the egg nog altogether or try an alternative version. The yolks contain all the cholesterol in eggs, thereby making egg nog a dangerous drink to your heart.

Try: If egg nog is a must (and for many it is), try filling half your cup with egg not and the other half with a bubbly ginger ale or Diet lime drink. While still not healthy, it does lighten the calories AND the cholesterol level.

-Eat your veggies. Many holiday festivities have tables full of appetizers, such as desserts, chips, and the ever-popular snack mixes. If you fill up on veggies first, your appetite will be curbed.

Try: Grab the smallest plate available so you won’t be tempted to fill it all up with an array of finger foods full of sodium. Take the plate and fill half of it with veggies, then allow yourself to eat some of the less healthy options. It’s okay to eat a little something unhealthy because if you constantly deny yourself what you really want, you’ll just down loads of it later.

-Eat ahead of time. If you’re going to a dinner or over to a family/friend’s home for a meal and you know they’ll have a spread of heavy food, eat a little before heading out. Fill up on foods with fiber, like apples, cooked pumpkin, or a handful of nuts and that’ll make you feel full longer.

Try: Keep a handful of nuts in small plastic bags in your cabinet. Before you leave your home, eat what’s in the bag or chop them up and spread them over low-fat yogurt or fruit.

-Add in supplements to your diet. Add supplements containing Phytosterols to help lower cholesterol.

Try: Red Yeast Rice Plus by Weider. Each tablet contains Phytosterols that may help keep your cholesterol level in check and may help reduce your risk of heart disease.* 

Although it’s hard, you can keep your cholesterol low during the time of year when food is in abundance.


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