How to Lower your Cholesterol
Tuesday, October 22

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As one of the main culprits to heart disease, high cholesterol levels run abundant in this country. From eating packaged foods, hitting the fast food joint on the way home from work and starving your body of proper nutrition can all contribute to excessive cholesterol levels. To prolong your life, it is vital to keep your cholesterol in check. This also keeps your doctors’ bills lower and gives you an overall better quality of life. How can you lower your cholesterol? Try a few of these tips:

Add in fish to your diet. Fatty fish contains Omega-3, which can reduce blood clots and the risk of sudden death. The American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of fish a week. This doesn’t mean fry them—grill or bake them for optimum nutrition.

Eat breakfast. Starting your day off with the proper nutrition sets the tone for the day. Oatmeal or bran muffins with low sugar reduce your bad cholesterol (LDL) by absorbing it into your bloodstream.

Exercise 30 minutes a day. We are all busy with work, family and other personal commitments, but finding just a half hour a day will greatly reduce cholesterol levels and raise high-density lipoprotein (HDL), otherwise known as your good cholesterol. Even if you can’t set aside 30 minutes all at once, you can do complete your exercise requirements in 10-minute increments. Try speed walking three times a day on breaks at work.

Don’t smoke. If you stop smoking for even 24 hours, your risk of a heart attack decreases.

Add in foods with sterols—a substance found in plants to help block the absorption of cholesterol. You can easily do this by taking a supplement with phytosterols, such as Red Rice Yeast from Weider™.

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